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About the school

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemical and Biological direction of Pavlodar started its work on August 27, 2013.

In its activities , the Intellectual School is guided by the following normative documents:

In September 2015, the school received membership in the Council of International Schools (CIS). In April 2016, the school successfully conducted a preliminary visit for the accreditation of the Council of International Schools and began the process of self-assessment. In September 2018, a group of international experts visited the school for accreditation.  According to the CIS decision in November 2018, the school is accredited and has the status of "CIS accredited school".On December 30, 2016, the Board of the AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" approved the composition of the Board of Trustees; On September 1, 2016, the first meeting of the members of the Board of Trustees was organized, at which issues of school development and its role in the region were discussed, since then, at least three times each year, members of the Board of Trustees meet at the school on various issues of school development.

The school employs only 131 teachers, including:

Expert teacher-22, moderator teacher -37, teachers - 51, trainee teachers-27. There are also 6 foreign teachers, 48 masters, 4 of them are masters of Nazarbayev University, 3 employees studied under the Bolashak program. 23 teachers are certified trainers.

At the end of the 2021-2022 academic year, 670 students of grades 7-12 will study at the NISH KHBN in Pavlodar. According to the results of the 2020-2021 academic year, the quality of knowledge was -86%.

The educational block includes 58 classrooms, including 18 language classrooms, 5 physics and chemistry classrooms, 9 mathematics classrooms, 4 biology classrooms, geography, history, ecology, and others. The school also provides classrooms for individual classes, art technology, psychological relief and several universal classrooms. The school is equipped with the latest equipment necessary to ensure a high-quality organization of the educational process and is designed for 720 people. There is a dormitory in the sleeping wing, where children from remote areas of the region live.



Ár oqýshynyń áleýetіn asha otyryp, básekege qabіlettі, qundylyqtary turaqtalǵan tulǵany qalyptastyrý

Формировать конкурентоспособную личность с устойчивыми ценностями, раскрывая интеллектуальный потенциал каждого ученика

To develop globally competitive individuals with strong moral values through unlocking every student’s intellectual potential



Graduates of the school are patriots of their country with stable moral values, are fluent in three or more languages. They are harmoniously developed, healthy, striving for self-development and creativity, critically thinking and problem-solving citizens. Graduates of the school enter and graduate from prestigious Kazakh and foreign universities, successfully compete in the labor market and make a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the country. The school translates innovative approaches to learning, its experience and practice into the secondary education system of Kazakhstan.



    • Respect for yourself and others
    • Cooperation
    • Responsible citizenship
    • Academic integrity
    • Lifelong learning
    • Transparency
    • Leadership


The school has a five-day training for grades 7-8. For grades 9-12, there is a six-day school week, but Saturday is a short day - i.e. they study until 13.00. Also on Saturdays, it was decided to minimize the number of academic classes and schedule additional lessons for underachievers, Olympiad preparation of gifted students, as well as sports and educational events.

Teachers carefully prepare for lessons. In the classroom, depending on the educational goals, various pedagogical approaches are used. The comprehensive program of professional development of teachers is aimed at learning the language, improving ICT and pedagogical skills. International teachers contribute to the development of global citizenship. Support staff create a healthy and comfortable environment at school.

Students, parents, teachers and school graduates note the following positive aspects in school teaching and assessment:

The curriculum meets the needs of students;
In the classroom, students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
Teachers use various teaching methods;
The cultural and intercultural component has been successfully introduced into the training.;
Students understand what is expected of them, their work is evaluated fairly, teachers use various methods to measure student progress.

The school pays attention to the physical development of students, children's health and sports. Students have the following achievements: Republican chess tournament "School National League Akbozat 2019" – 1st place, "I Cup of Pavlodar region in rapid chess" - 1st place, Regional Chess Spartakiad "White Rook" - 1st place, City Chess Spartakiad "White Rook" - 1st place, "48 Spartakiad among schoolchildren in basketball" - 1st place among girls, city football tournament "In honor of the memory of Makpaleev K.A." - 2nd place, "48 city spartakiad among schoolchildren in table tennis" - 3rd place, "48th city spartakiad among schoolchildren in togyzkumalak" - team 2nd place, "48 city Spartakiad among schoolchildren in Kazakh kuresi" - 1st place (among boys), 3rd place (among girls), "48 city Spartakiad among schoolchildren in table tennis" - 3rd place (girls), city basketball tournament 1st place.

On the basis of our school, regional level competitions in basketball, football, etc. are regularly organized.

The CIS members' report indicates the school's serious attitude to hiring procedures and support for their professional development. Teachers, in turn, note their satisfaction with the performance evaluation system and the opportunities for professional development provided to them.

Curators are committed to supporting and educating students, both in academic and personal life. The staff of the school and students create a positive learning environment that embodies the values of the NISH KHBN Pavlodar. The staff of the hostel creates an educational, safe and well-organized living and learning environment for students, which strengthens school values.

NIS KHBN Pavlodar cooperates with various international organizations. The aim of the cooperation is to provide students and teachers with language practice, cultural exchange, development of intercultural communication skills and global citizenship. The school works closely with the following partner schools:

  1. Goethe Gymnasium, Wetzlar, Germany. Exchange of students for the development of the German language
  2. Wolfert School, Rotterdam, Netherlands. A memorandum of cooperation was signed in The teachers of this organization organized CLIL courses for teachers of niches and the country. The students of this school came to our school and studied together with the students of NIS.    
  3. SUNC im. Kolmogorov. Since 2017, every year 10 NIS students go to courses on subject Olympiads within the framework of the memorandum of cooperation. The goal is scientific work and preparation for international Olympiads. Gifted students of the Olympiad school in the subjects of chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics are prepared with MSU professors, and it is also useful for our coaches to prepare students.
  4. Hillel School, Israel - online project - digital collaborative learning, two classes and two teachers are involved in the project - supervised with the Ministry of Defense of Israel. Children online do joint projects on various topics – global citizenship, environmental issues, etc.

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Pavlodar conducts systematic work to involve teachers-practitioners in research in education and presentation of results at international scientific conferences. One of the most popular scientific platforms is the annual European Conference on Educational Research (ECER). Participation in scientific conferences on a global scale develops teachers as practitioners, deepens their knowledge in the subject area and provides scientific justification for pedagogical decisions.

The results of the school survey show a high degree of respect between students and school staff. Also, all participants in the educational process note that openness in communication is encouraged by the school community, communication mechanisms have been established between the school and students and their parents. The good conditions created for the development of students' leadership qualities are noted. Separately, it is worth noting the high degree of comfort and a good psychological climate created in the boarding school.

Number of evacuation exits leading to a fire-safe zone -11;
Evacuation plan in case of fire , indicating the parameters of escape routes and exits – in each room of the school;
The safe design of paths and exits along the route of students during evacuation throughout the school; Annually, the speed of evacuation of students after the 1st training session is no more than 5-6 minutes; The fire safety system is in working condition.