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Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble Circle

Students with great enthusiasm take part in the circle of the vocal and instrumental ensemble of the VIA Star school. Group and individual preparatory classes of the ensemble are systematically held. The training is aimed at the formation of musical literacy, increasing the vocal abilities of students, learning to play various electric instruments, the ability to accompany vocal performance. Classes also contribute to musical literacy and culture, artistic taste, independence, and activity.

The purpose of the ensemble: popularization of Kazakh traditional music, performance on electric instruments, interest and propaganda of folk songs.


Our ensemble takes an active part in concerts and festive events held at the school. The ensemble's repertoire includes a lot of national pop music, as well as various foreign musical works.

The vocal-instrumental ensemble has 2 members. The main group consisted of high school students, and the second group consisted of junior high school students.

Both teams participate with interest in school events.

The head of the ensemble "VIA star": Omiruzak Elemes.