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Dombra circle "Asyl Mura"

For centuries, the Kazakh people have kept their songs and kyui, advanced from generation to generation, as an invaluable heritage. With the help of kyuis, the Kazakh people were able to convey the soul of a person, his secrets, joys and sorrows. The most valuable thing for every Kazakh is a two-string sacred dombra.


awakening students' love for art through dombra;
fostering a sense of patriotism and respect for national values ​​among the younger generation;
formation of love and respect for the national instrument;
preservation of Kazakh national traditions through the game of nadombre.


Our ensemble actively participates in school events. The ensemble's repertoire includes works by well-known Kazakh kuishi, including:

Kurmangazy, Kazangap, Dauletkerey, N. Tlendieva and many others. The repertoire also includes modern improvised works performed on electronic musical instruments.

The number of participants in the annual flash mob of dombrists “Uly Dala Muragerleri” is also growing.

The head of the circle of dombyra "Asyl mura": Kurmangali Anuar Tulkibaiuly.