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Togyz Kumalak Circle

"Togyzkumalak" is a national board game that develops logic. This game is based on the players using their intelligence and mathematical knowledge. The game "togyzkumalak" is gaining popularity among sports fans day by day.

Purpose of the circle:

instilling interest in students and the national sport;
teaching students to play in the game togyzkumalak.


In addition to practice, students also participate in quizzes, school competitions, competitions at the city, regional and republican levels.


In 2015, from November 23–26, students of the NIS KhBN of Pavlodar participated in the 45th city sports day among educational schools under the Togyzkumalak program. Kurmangaliev Alibek, Kaysin Alisher took the 3rd place in the team standings among young men. The girls team took 3rd place. Team members: Toleubek Ayazhan, Tolzhan Aruzhan. Alibek Kurmangaliev took the 2nd place in the individual competition among boys. Among the girls, the 2nd place was taken by Toleubek Ayazhan.

In 2018, the 48th complex sports day was held among students of secondary schools in the city. The boys' team took 2nd place as part of Zhumagali Syrymdat, Boztaev Sanzhar. Among the girls, the team 2nd place was taken by Zhanabekova Meruert, Zhumageldy Gulshaiza. In the individual competition among young men, Zhumagali Syrymdat took the 1st place. Among the girls, 2nd place went to Zhumageldy Gulshaizi.

On November 2–4, 2021, a network sports competition in togyzkumalak was held online. In the individual competition among boys, Kazhatulla Erasyl took the 1st place, among girls, Nukenova Malika took the 2nd place.

On December 6–8, 2021, in the program of the 51st comprehensive sports contest for schoolchildren of the secondary school in togyzkumalak, the 2nd place was taken by the team of boys from the NIS HBN school in Pavlodar, consisting of Boztaev Sanzhar, Kazhatulla Erasyl. As a result of an individual meeting in the 1st subgroup among boys, Kazhatulla Erasyl took 2nd place, in the second subgroup among boys Boztaev Sanzhar took 3rd place. Among the girls Shaimenova Dayana took 3rd place.

The head of the circle: Zhangazinova Lazat Saparovna.