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The Golden thread

Golden Thread Circle

Crocheting is a very fun, creative and fascinating old craft. Knitwear is at the center of great fashion. And it is not surprising, because hand-knitted models are extraordinary, colorful, interesting. Knitting is creativity and, of course, relaxation. A beautifully and neatly tied product always brings joy to the one who executed it, and to the one for whom this product is connected. The main thing in crocheting is patience, accuracy and love of knitting. The skill and mastery of crocheting is relevant to this day. Crocheting gives you the opportunity not only to touch the real art, but also to emphasize your own individuality. This type of decorative and applied art is characterized by grace, beauty and the ability to make a variety of products: toys, fakes, clothes and elements of its decoration.

Thanks to knitting and the possibility of using a variety of threads and performing exquisite product models, crocheting has become a favorite activity of the Golden Thread circle. Learning to crochet is easier than knitting.

The purpose of the program is the moral and aesthetic education of children while teaching the basics of crocheting.

The Golden Thread program is practice-oriented, aimed at mastering the basic techniques and techniques of crocheting by students. Crochet training according to this program  contributes to the adaptation of students to constantly changing socio-economic conditions, preparation for independent life in the modern world, professional self-determination. When performing knitting schemes, product sketches, determining knitting density, calculating loops, knowledge from the fields of drawing, drawing, mathematics is used.

This program is intended for students in grades 7-12. Children of this age have well-developed mechanical memory, arbitrary attention, visual-imaginative thinking, conceptual thinking is emerging on the basis of life experience, unsupported by scientific data, cognitive and communicative skills and skills are developing.

The program is designed for 1 year of study – 34 hours of classes. The groups are attended by children who do not have special skills in the field of crocheting, as well as those who know how to crochet. The program is designed for students aged 12-17, the number of children in the group is 9 - 13 people.   Working hours – 1 time a week for 1 hour.