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Beket Tulegenov and Abylai Satylkhan presented NIS in the documentary "Tungysh"


NIS graduates Beket Tulegenov and Abylai Satylkhan on the Day of the First President presented Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in the documentary "Tengysh" of the national TV channel "Kazakhstan".

Бекет Тулегенов

Beket Tulegenov-from the first graduate of the first Nazarbayev Intellectual School (Physics and Mathematics department of Astana), one of the most successful fellows of the presidential program "Bolashak", became the first representative of NIS, who successfully defended his doctoral thesis. Beckett received his PhD degree from the American Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, known among the prestigious universities in the world, where specialists are trained for aerospace cleaning. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University graduates are in demand by NASA, the United States Air and Naval forces, as well as the most prestigious agencies in many countries.

Beket is the first Kazakhstani student of Aeronautical University, during his studies in the specialty "Aerospace" demonstrated high

academic results, graduated from the university with honors and received a diploma of Outstanding achievement in mathematics.

Beckett often recalls a meeting with the First President of the Republic, Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev and his swollen bat.

- Then I told Nursultan Abishevich that I dream of becoming a space engineer and contributing to the development of Kazakhstan as a space power. Elbasy's support and good wishes inspired me,

–  Becket admits.

Today Beket Tulegenov works as an engineer in the national company "Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary".

Abylai Satylkhan graduated from the Intellectual School of Chemical and Biological direction of Almaty. In 2018, at the forum "Uly Dala Muragerleri" dedicated to the 10th anniversary of NIS, Abylai Satylkhan presented the First President with a photo depicting the moment when Nursultan Nazarbayev cuts his bonds:

- 17 years ago, you cut my bonds in Astana. You gave me a baht then so that I would become a worthy citizen of my country. I give my word that I will live by this motivation and become a worthy citizen and will faithfully serve my homeland.

Today Abylai is studying at Nazarbayev University with a degree in international relations. Among his student achievements are a summer internship at Columbia University and a speech from Kazakhstan at a youth forum at the headquarters of the United Nations.

The documentary "Tungysh" at the link: https://qazaqstan.tv/videos/148912