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Friendship bridge


Today a state educational institution "Polylingual complex of "Adymnar – the way to knowledge and consent" of Kazan, the Republic of Tatarstan and Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology in Pavlodar finished their experience exchange process.. 19 students and two teachers from Tatarstan attended our school for a week.

The event was held within the framework of a memorandum of 2021 between these two schools. The aim of the project was development of intercultural cooperation, global consciousness and tolerance.

During this period, various events were organized for Tatar schoolchildren who came to Kazakhstan for the first time. They took part in the lessons, participated at the classes of shanyraks and got acquainted with the life of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School. The students from Adymnar school took part in a meeting of the UN club, "TEDx" speeches on the topic of "My life values" and a round table under the topic of "Similarities and differences of Kazakh and Tatar cultures".

At the same time, the guests of the school got acquainted with the culture, customs and traditions of the Kazakh people, tasted dishes of national cuisine, learned to play the dombra and dance "Kara Zhorga". They played asyk, bes asyk, tug of war and the national game togyzkumalak for the first time. It is worth noting that on behalf of NIS Pavlodar, Kazan schoolchildren were awarded with two boards for togyzkumalak game.

— This is an interesting logic board game. The game is really addictive. It can also be played in an online format. We didn't know about togyzkumalak before. And now we are sure that we will play it with our new friends from the Nazarbayev Intellectual School," says Diana Garaishina. The guests visited main sightsseings of Pavlodar: the Mashkhur Zhussup Mosque, "Ertis" multimedia museum, a regional Art Museum, a Potanin Museum of Local Lore. Students also visited our citizens’ favorite places of recreation as Central Embankment and the Goose Flight.

It should be noted that the guests from Kazan hosted a week at the families of their intellectual friends.

— Our travel to Pavlodar was very long. We were met with great hospitality of families and school members. Every day we took part in lessons, went to excursions, museums. It was very interesting for us to look at the findings of Kazakh scientists, their creativity. I express my gratitude to the teachers, students of Nazarbayev Intellectual School and their parents for warm and hospitable welcome and for the feeling of belonging in spite of the fact that we were too far away from our homes. This week has been interesting. Now we are looking forward to seeing you in Kazan," said Veronika Lapidus – a student from Tatarstan.