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Open Day


Today Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Pavlodar opened its doors to everyone. The Open day event was attended by more than 500 grade 6 students of secondary schools in Pavlodar region and parents. Among them were those who came to our school for the first time.

The participants of the Open day were invited to the assembly hall to find out some useful information about NIS and to get acquainted with the admission conditions to the school. They also enjoyed a concert prepared by the school’s creative team.

The event continued with an excursion organized by members of the local government to get acquainted with the life of the educational institution. The desire to be enrolled here was expressed by 6th grade students who got acquainted with the school’s interesting life.

— I liked the school. I am planning to apply  and be enrolled to Nazarbayev Intellectual School. For this purpose I am attending some special courses, - says a student of the 6th grade Aruzhan Amanzholova.