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Pavlodar schoolchildren took part in the flash mob "Heirs of the Great Steppe"


A flash mob of dombrists "Uly dala muragerleri" dedicated to the Day of the First President was held at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Pavlodar. Such a large-scale event has become an annual event in the network of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools. Young dombrists of intellectual schools continued the tradition this year in an online format.

The composition of Kurmangazy "Balbirauyn", kui "Alkissa", folk work "Elim-ai" and kui of the Kyrgyz people "Mash botoy" performed by 65 students were performed in the walls of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Pavlodar.

The traditional flash mob "Uly Dala muragerleri" combined dombra and sounds of Kazakh national instruments, such as, shankobyz, dauylpaz, dabyl, kobyz.

The purpose of the large-scale event is to support the policy of the Leader of the Nation N.A.Nazarbayev, popularization of the national instrument of dombra and art through kui. Flash mob is an opportunity to simultaneously hear Kazakh kui and rally Nazarbayev Intellectual schools.

-Flash mob of dombrists was held within the framework of the project "100 kui" of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools. I think this is a very useful project for intellectuals who took dombra in their hands for the first time. Thanks to this, they get acquainted with the history of the origin of kuis, absorb a lot of new information about the author. This year, students of different ages from grades 7 to 12 took part in the flash mob. 2 teachers played together with kui students. Thus, we are reviving the ancient kui,

- Tolkyn Kanaeva, the artistic director of the NISH KHBN Pavlodar, told.