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Psychological service


The mission of the psychological service is to develop awareness and well-being of participants in the educational process through the organization of a system of psychological and pedagogical support and support for adaptive behavior, overcoming development difficulties, reducing educational and work stress, life self-determination - subject and career-oriented choice.

Schumacher Olga Viktorovna

My professional credo: "Lean on the past, strive for the future, live in the present"
Certified coach of children and teenagers
Training on the topics:
"Psychological and pedagogical support of the educational process"
"Applied aspects of psychological services"
"Removing the training and work stress"
"School mediation: resolving the crisis of relations and conflicts among students"
"Innovative methods of art therapy in the work of the school psychologist"
"Prevention and crisis assistance to students, teachers and parents in difficult situations"
"Mental health"
"Gambling addiction in adolescence - prevention, diagnosis, correction"
Contact details: Olga_sh@pvl.nis.edu.kz
+7 (701) 536-26-97

Bazilova Aigerim Bulatovna

My professional credo: "IT is important to be able to hear, listen and understand the feelings of children"
Advanced training on topics:
"Gambling addiction in adolescence - prevention, diagnosis, correction"
Contact details: bazilova_a@pvl.nis.edu.kz
+7 (747) 300-49-62